Our Impact


Our commitment to Fair Trade


Our commitment to Fair Trade means that hard working cacao farmers like Georges in Côte d’Ivoire are able to build schools and send their children to school. We are proud to be investing in the cacao farming landscape five degrees north of the equator and beyond.

Five North Chocolate® is part of a global movement that is humbly much larger than any single brand. Together, with every consumer who buys Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate, we help not only Georges but all the parents and Fair Trade farming communities in Côte d’Ivoire who have powerful stories to share.





Our commitment to LGBTQ visibility


We are the first brand ever to feature the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce seal on a packaged good! And as a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise®, we understand and value the importance of being visible today, more than ever!


Our commitment to the environment

As an official Seed The Change partner, we take our commitment to fighting climate change seriously! For every order placed we plant a tree. Help us help the world.

1 Order = 1 Tree



Our commitment to our customers









Founder Ben here! I wouldn't make or sell anything that I wouldn't eat and enjoy myself and share with my family and friends. With a super clean ingredient label, organic superfoods, and nothing artificial, go ahead and indulge! You deserve it :)