Why Chocolate is the Perfect Gift Every Time

This article was written by Felix Magrath


Thousands of years ago, chocolate was considered an aristocratic pleasure. Chocolate was a part of Olmec rituals and the Mayans called it the “drink of the gods”. In 1615, Anne of Spain presented a box of chocolates to Louis XIII of France to celebrate their union. Finally, in 1828, chocolate production was revolutionised, and this sweet treat became more accessible to many.

Chocolate continues to be a highlight on many special occasions. In case you’re still not convinced, here are some reasons why chocolate is the perfect gift every time.


Chocolate is Luxurious

One of the challenges in gift-giving, especially for new friends, colleagues, business partners and bosses, is finding the right amount to spend. You might want to be a little extravagant, but you’re afraid it might send the wrong message. You might also want to be more economical, but you don’t want to look like a penny-pincher.

A pack of premium-quality, organic-certified chocolates would be a safe bet. It carries a sense of luxury but at an affordable price.


Chocolate Can Be Healthy

Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants, which are essential in maintaining health and wellness. Antioxidants neutralise the free radicals from pollution, sunlight, stress, body cells, etc. to prevent and mitigate cellular damage.

Antioxidants help slow down skin ageing, improve brain function, relieves inflammation, and reduces the risks of many diseases—including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Some chocolate brands have taken their commitment to a healthier lifestyle by adding superfoods and nothing artificial to their products.


Chocolate is Enjoyed Universally

“Almost everyone in your gift list would love to receive a pack of delicious chocolates. Cutting down on sugar? There are low-sugar (and even savory!) options. Trying to eat more plants? Many options are totally plant-based. Want something different? Try bite-sized chocolates with fun flavors. Chocolate makers are finding more ways to add more twist to this favourite snack.”, says David Taylor, a health advisor for Monkeyfoodz.

As mentioned earlier, chocolate is a safe bet. Not only financially, but also on the sentimental and emotional side of the gift-giving process. If you can’t think of anything else to give or are doing last-minute shopping, chocolates could save you.


You Can Help Small Cacao Farmers

When you purchase premium chocolate from companies that are committed to Fair Trade and sustainability, such as Five North Chocolate, you’re supporting cacao farmers.

Five North Chocolate is part of a global movement that aims to improve the lives of cacao-growing communities. They source cacao from Fair Trade Certified™ farms so that farmers can have the capacity to invest in their communities.


Do you want your gift to make a difference? Buy and share Five North Chocolate! Their plant-based chocolate snacks are made with Fair Trade Certified™ cacao and are naturally low in sugar. Fun flavors include: goji berry, pistachio seal salt, and cinnamon almond.

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