/ snǽk · əbɪ́ləti / noun


The intersection of taste, convenience, and satisfaction. "Five North Chocolate is a 10/10 on my snackability scale!"

/ gɪ́ltləs · čák / noun


Chocolate made with high standards and lots of love. "It's easy to give into your cravings with guitlesschoc!"

yə́mi · lɛ́vəl · ə́p / noun


An upgrade from the standard (usually referring to food). "H*rsh*y chocolate?! Time for a yummylevelup!"


Located five degrees north of the equator, West Africa grows more than 2/3 of the world’s cacao. At Five North Chocolate®, we’re committed to:

CACAO - We love cacao and its health benefits, that’s why there’s more cacao in our snacks than any other ingredient!

FAIR TRADE - We source only the highest quality, Fair Trade Certified™ cacao from around the world.

WELL-BEING - We use only wholesome ingredients you can actually pronounce. Nothing to hide in our snacks!

DIVERSITY - As a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise®, we celebrate diversity and we’re not afraid to wave our rainbow flag :) Join us?

YOU - We don’t believe premium, healthy, and awesome snacks should be far from reach. So, here’s to you!

In the name of total enjoyment,


Our Impact

Our commitment to Fair Trade means that hard working cacao farmers like Georges in Côte d’Ivoire are able to build schools and send their children to school. We are proud to be investing in the cacao farming landscape five degrees north of the equator and beyond.

What are people saying about us?


Love the fact that this company figured out the path to 'doing well' by 'doing good'...and I love the chocolate just as much! The pistachio with sea salt is ridiculous! I hear the coffee is awesome too...but they were sold out when I bought last. Can't wait to get my hands on some of the other flavors. Good stuff!

-Steve B. (Charlotte, NC)


I’ve been a fan of this company since the beginning.... love the product and the story and it’s a great gift to give for any occasion. I always appreciate an owner with as much passion and dedication as the owner of Five North has.

-Olivia B. (Stamford, CT)


If I could only have one brand of chocolate the rest of my life it would be this

-Holly F. (Setauket, NY)